5 Houseplants for Cleaner Home Air

Countless motivations may have sparked your decision to invest in an air purification system. The most common include uncontrollable allergies, unshakeable home odors, poor health from subpar indoor air quality, and a desire to sustain and renew the world around you. The best air purifiers don’t only remove toxins from your home air, but also revitalize it, giving your family fresh, crisp, clean air in your home. Healthcare professionals recommend buying a home air purification system to deal with respiratory problems, and members of the green industry support the immediate and long-term benefits of cultivating clean home air. But both groups also recommend another home air purifier: houseplants.

Clean Home Air with Plants

While houseplants are not a replacement for the bacteria, allergen, odor, and toxin-neutralizing effects of air purification systems, they make an excellent supplement. Research proves that plants absorb harmful gasses and toxins, reducing home air pollution. NASA, whose technology lead to the development of Living Technologies’ air purification units, conducted a study proving the benefits of keeping houseplants. Homeowners with allergies should tread carefully when choosing a plant for natural home air filtration.

5 Houseplants for Best Air Purification

  1. peace lily plantBamboo Palm: A powerful home air cleaner, filtering home pollutants—particularly formaldehyde—from indoor air.
  2. English Ivy: Cleans air of chemicals and allergens, including mold and animal feces.
  3. Peace Lily: Rids the air of acetones and harmful carcinogens found in paints and varnishes. Word of warning: it’s toxic to pets.
  4. Rubber Plant: Removes a variety of toxins, particularly formaldehyde, from home air.
  5. Spider Plant: Rids the air of benzene and formaldehyde.

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