An Attack of Holiday Allergies

evergreen allergiesWhen people think of holiday allergies, they’re much more likely to contemplate the dangers of dairy and peanuts than indoor air quality. But as the air gets drier, seasonal allergies creep indoors. If you suffer from frequent winter colds, coughing and trouble breathing, or shallow sleep around the holidays, you may want to add a home air purifier to your Christmas list this year.

Poor Winter Air

Indoor air quality declines during the colder months because of poor air circulation. Winter air introduces new unseen allergens into your home, and these breathing threats often go unchallenged. Most families retreat indoors during harsh winter weather, exposing them almost continuously to unclean home air. Address winter respiratory concerns by installing an air purification system, cleaning upholstery and linens weekly, and limiting the chemical cleaners used by your family.

Holiday Allergy Triggers

  • Food. With all the holiday treats and Christmas cookies making the rounds, it’s easy to accidentally ingest food you shouldn’t. While many food allergies cause difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock, less serious reactions include headaches, nausea, and increased sensitivity to seasonal allergens.
  • Mold. Mold can creep into your home during any season, but it’s more difficult to catch during the winter. Mildews are more visible during the summer when the humid air encourages mold growth in showers and under washing machines. In wintertime mold spores float through the air, nestle in evergreen wreaths and holiday trees, and cling to our clothes from mud and rotting leaves.
  • Evergreens. Not only do evergreens carry mold contamination, they’re also an allergy trigger. Pollen, sap, and terpene allergies leave people feeling rundown around the holidays. Place your tree in a well-ventilated area and wash live evergreens to limit your family’s exposure to allergens.
  • Holiday Decorations. Most families use the same decorations year after year. What they don’t realize is that they’re also pulling out last winter’s dust, pollen, and mold spores. Thoroughly clean holiday decorations to prevent introducing contaminates to your home air. When you pack your ornaments back into storage, nestle them into plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to limit their exposure to dust.

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