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People worry about the food their families eat, the safety of their kids’ playgrounds, and whether or not their children are getting proper exercise. But how often do you consider the intangible factors that affect your family? You may not know what’s pumping through your lungs, but indoor air quality can have a dramatic impact on the health of your family—for better or worse. By understanding the pollutants that cling to the air molecules in your home, you can reduce signs of asthma and allergies and support your family’s physical wellbeing.

Tips on Improving Indoor Air Quality

Common household pollutants range from second-hand smoke to mold to rayon. Identifying the source of air contamination allows you to take action against the poor air quality of your home. Here are a few simple tips to improving your environment:

  • Control the source of the pollution
  • Ensure that carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly
  • Improve ventilation in your home
  • Avoid using air fresheners, which contain harmful chemicals
  • Buy houseplants like aloe or azalea for improved air quality
  • Invest in air cleaners

Clean Air Technology

Clean air technology is the first big step to reclaiming your home’s air quality. Based on NASA research and supported by the House of Representatives, our tech recreates the natural cleansing processes of sunlight and thunderstorms to purify the air you breath without the use of harmful chemicals. By utilizing passive systems like filters and Ultraviolet solutions, clean air technology fights pollutants at the source, cleaning the air of allergens, asthma irritants, viruses, molds, and harmful bacteria. By combating these microscopic invaders before they infiltrate your air, you can insure the wellness of you and your family from common illnesses and long-term health problems.

Understanding indoor air quality is essential to reclaiming your health from daily pollutants. For more information, contact Living Technologies.

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