Chemicals Clouding Your Indoor Air

Indoor air quality affects the long-term health and overall quality of living of you and your family. Although allergies are a primary consideration in indoor air purification, allergens are not the only source of poor indoor air quality. Cleaners, fragrances, and bacteria negatively impact the air quality of your home just as much as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. Whether or not you suffer from allergies, it’s time to take a closer look at the products you use daily.



Chemical cleaners are one of the most prevalent sources of indoor air pollution. Not only do harsh chemical cleaners often result in coughing, wheezing, headaches, or difficulty breathing, it is common for small children to accidentally ingest these toxins, leading to frantic phone calls to poison control and uncomfortable emetics. Switch to eco-friendly household cleaners and air fresheners, and consider the benefits of detergent-free laundry, which eliminates phenols and sodium lauryl sulfate from your clothing, among other chemicals.


Everyday items often release chemicals into the air, resulting in impure air quality. Change air filters and clean comforters regularly to reduce the presence of allergens and chemicals. Properly ventilate your home and regularly check stoves, central heating and cooling systems, and personal electronics to prevent air contamination through malfunction. Carpeting, finishes on wood furniture, and plastics all contain harsh chemicals; clean these items regularly and invest in a home air purification system to improve your indoor air quality.


Although we know fuel emissions are dangerous in enclosed spaces, we don’t always consider how frequently those gases leak into home air. Chemicals from oil, kerosene, and gasoline can contaminate your home air, and smoke from coal, wood fires, and tobacco release harmful emissions into your home.

To purify your home air, invest in a Living Technologies air purifier to eliminate pollution at the source.

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