Clean Without the Chemicals

The green trend is sweeping the world, and people everywhere are conserving resources and managing energy intake. Designers have developed new technologies to build a cleaner world, helping us protect families and our environment from the harsh chemicals entwined in our daily processes. Detergent-free laundry is a revolution in clean air and clean water that can save your world—and your wallet—from chemical use and energy consumption.

laundryHow Does Detergent-Free Laundry Work?

Detergent-free laundry may seem like a dream, but Living Technologies stands behind the science. Our system infuses natural oxidation gasses and a flow of electrical energy into the water that cleanses your laundry. These natural components penetrate and release the carbon atoms clinging to the fibers of your fabric, dissolving the dirt without a need for chemical interference. Without the use of detergent or hot water, your clothes will actually get cleaner than if you’d employed traditional laundering methods.

Clean Air and Clean Water

The detergent-free laundry system negates the need for laundry detergent. Even mild detergents contain harsh chemicals that cling to clothing, seep into the air, and cloud expended water long after your wash cycle. Eliminating the need for these chemicals will make a dramatic impact on sensitive skin, which becomes easily irritated by detergents. It will extend the lifespan of your clothing and linens, which become drab and frayed under the harshness of chemical detergents and hot water. You will also eliminate the toxins released into the air and water supply of your home.

Cost Effective

Investing in eco-friendly technology may seem like a strain on your budget, but taking into account the cost of detergent and energy, it pays for itself in several years. Typical families spend $300-$600 each year on traditional laundering techniques. By reducing the amount of hot water your family uses and the cost of buying detergent, your family will conserve not only nature’s resources, but your financial resources as well.

Think about the long-term steps you are taking toward eco-awareness, and consider the benefits of the clean technologies being developed. Contact Living Technologies for answers to all your questions about ecological conservation and clean living.

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