Cold Weather Air Quality

The polar vortex might be making all the headlines, but another topic lurks just beneath the surface: home air quality. With so many Americans literally trapped in their houses this week, home air purification is a hotter topic than ever. Indoor air quality doesn’t just affect your allergies: it affects your family, your pets, and your home safety. With the polar vortex dispersing and the winter temperatures returning to normal, it’s time to reassess the purity of your home air filtration system.

Air Quality and Health

home air qualityModern homes are airtight, protecting families from cold weather, pest, and seasonal allergies. But the same qualities that protect houses and apartments from myriad infestations also trap contaminates in your home air. Pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, and home toxins linger in your family’s breathing space, affecting respiration and overall health. People with allergies feel the effects more quickly than their friends, but poor indoor air quality negatively impacts the health of anyone exposed. During the winter, when both people and pets spend most of their time indoors, it is crucial to check home air filtration systems, clean linens regularly, and invest in fresh air technology to neutralize air contamination at the source.

Fire Hazards

Keeping warm is on everyone’s minds these days. Americans are cranking up the heat and hunkering down in front of the fire place to wait out the cold. But home-heating sources can negatively impact your home air quality, releasing combustible chemicals into the air. Unvented heaters, gas stovetops, and fireplaces leave carbon monoxide residue in your home air, increasing the risk of a house fire. Choose a Living Technologies home heating system. The unique design purifies your home air while it warms your home, keeping your family both healthy and warm during the chill of winter.

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