Get Ahead of Spring Pollen

spring pollenMarch has finally arrived, and we know what that means: allergy season isn’t far behind. As the flowers begin to germinate and bloom, allergy sufferers will once again bear the brunt of spring’s beauty. Pollen spores drift through the air, coating cars, filtering into HVAC units, and reigniting spring allergy symptoms in people across the country. Allergies cause a variety of unwelcome effects including headaches, difficulty breathing, swelling, sleep apnea, itchy eyes, and dry, reddened skin. If the spring season leaves you feeling under the weather, follow these 5 tips to prepare for the impending pollen.

  1. See an allergist. Although its tempting to wait until your symptoms flare, seeing an allergist in advance of pollen season could prepare your body for spring allergies and reduce your symptoms.
  2. Invest in an air purification system. Buy a large home air purifier for the central location in your house, and consider buying a miniature system for your car. Allergists recommend buying air cleaning systems that remove allergens from the air.
  3. Clean your home. Deep clean carpets, linens, and dank corners prone to mold growth. When removing dust or using chemical cleaners, always wear a face mask to protect yourself from allergens and chemical contaminates.
  4. Keep the windows closed. When weather warms, it’s tempting to soak in the fresh air by opening windows and doors, but keeping your home sealed against allergens drastically improves your quality of life during spring pollen season.
  5. Plan around pollen. Track your spring allergy triggers using a local pollen counter app on your smartphone. Plan your morning jog before pollen counts peak. Whenever possible, stay inside during the worst pollen levels.

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