Greener Living Spaces

It’s a yearly trend. Thanksgiving rolls around, and we categorically count, note, and share the blessings in our life. Giving thanks for friends and family, stable jobs, and daily amenities enhances our lives, boosting our happiness and refocusing us on the things that matter. But what about the daily factors we take for granted? Factors like clean air, living water, and natural beauty?

green roofGreen roofs are a growing ecological trend that restore and enrich the environmental blessings most Americans take for granted. Growing grass, planting flowers, and cultivating vegetable gardens on rooftops gives city residents a taste of simplistic beauty while purifying the natural resources polluted by smog. Environmental innovators plant green roofs on apartment buildings, business complexes, and even buses. Here are the top 3 reasons to be thankful for rooftop gardens this Thanksgiving.

1. Air Purification. A home air purifier benefits your living space by refreshing and cleansing your home air; plants are natural air purifiers hearty enough to tackle the vast world beyond your front door. Green roofs reintroduce these natural air filters into an environment lacking in flowers, fresh produce, and other vegetation. Rooftop gardens revitalize the air, renewing oxygen and purifying the air of chemicals and other pollutants.

2. Peace and Beauty. While green roofs often spring up on stamp-sized squares of concrete, many rooftop gardens sprawl across entire office buildings. Designers implement languid pathways, birdfeeders, and benches in their blueprints for these city oases. City residents can improve their mental and physical health by taking advantage of the clean air, fresh vegetation, and natural beauty of these rooftop landscapes.

3.  Efficiency. Green roofs take advantage of unused city space. These efficient gardens give urban residents much needed access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Plants conserve energy by reducing the heat and noise pollution of their surroundings. They also allow city-dwellers to reap the physiological blessings of creating green spaces between the concrete, smog, and skyscrapers.

photo from flickr

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