Happy Holidays from Living Technologies

happy holidaysThe holidays are so full of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and ferrying family from one place to another that sometimes we forget to breathe. Our houses are clogged with the mingled festivity and stress of evergreens and ornaments, packages that need wrapping, and a to-do list bigger than your home air purifier. The dust we thought we conquered stirs up under the onslaught of new feet, and guests trudge mud and leaves onto floors you spent days shining. But no matter how stressful the holiday tasks become, we know that when the family gathers around the dinner table or settles into the living room to unwrap gifts, the festive air of the holidays will sweep away our inner Scrooge. The holidays remind us to give thanks for the people we love.

Our friends, family, and neighbors spend as much time planning our delight over gifts as we do planning theirs. Whether you got your mom a detergent-free laundry machine or a lighthearted holiday film, the holidays are about spending time together and rejuvenating your spirits for the year to come. The memories of smiling faces and the laughter of loved ones will stay with you long after the bright lights fade.

Happy Holidays from Living Technologies!

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