Happy Thanksgiving from Living Technologies!

living tech thanksgivingThanksgiving is in the air. For some that means crisp fall breezes and warm, spiced indoor air. For others that means replacing air filters and purifying home air of trapped allergens and dust. But whether the holidays offer a breath of fresh air or a long list of tasks to accomplish, we can all reap the blessings of the season this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving allows us to step back from the stresses and responsibilities that clog our daily lives. As we prepare a table full of yearly indulgences we give thanks for the bounty we enjoy throughout the year. Blessings like full tables, fulfilling work, and friends and family who enrich and motivate us. Blessings we often forget, like pure, clear water and air free of contaminates. And above all, we give thanks for the overflow of people in our lives: family and friends who love and support us, whether we see them every day or every other holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from Living Technologies.

photo from flickr

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