How Air Purifiers Help You Sell Your Home

As the economy starts to stabilize, more and more Americans feel confident enough to put their homes on the market. But while online articles and home décor magazines offer tips on cleaning, styling, and updating homes, they often ignore one crucial aspect of selling your home: indoor air quality.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Home Sales

air bubble homeThe quality of your home air is easy to overlook. After years of living in stale home air, you may have grown used to fighting the odors, mold, and respiratory problems that result from a buildup of toxins, allergens, and bacteria in home air. But just like curb appeal, air quality creates a crucial first impression when selling your home. There are 3 simple ways to test your home air quality:

  1. Ask a friend to visit. You may be used to mild odors and stale home air, but a fresh nose will detect the same air quality issues that will turn off potential buyers.
  2. Buy a DIY home air quality tester. These easy-to-use kits will detect the mold and bacteria infecting your home air.
  3. Hire a professional. Before you can sell your home, you will have to submit to a home inspection. Home inspectors check for home air pollution from radon, asbestos, molds and mildews, etc.

Purify Home Air Before You Sell Your House

Maintaining clean home air is crucial to your family’s health. It is just as important to the health of potential buyers of your home. Invest in an air purification system before you place your home on the market. Install a clean air unit in a central area of the house. Place smaller, deodorizing air purifiers near trouble spots like trashcans and toilets. Home air purification systems create clean air, removing allergens, odors, bacteria, and pollutants from years of living with poor home air quality.

For more information about creating clean home air, call Living Technologies.

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