Stop Gobbling This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a celebration of blessings, of friendship, and of the bountiful food piling up on your plate. Most Americans give themselves a pass on food consumption for the Thanksgiving holidays, choosing to give thanks for the succulent dishes prepared by loving hands by leaving their diets at the door. While it’s ok to indulge in holiday food, it’s not healthy to gobble everything in sight. Amidst the flurry of holiday planning, prepare your palate for the Thanksgiving meal.

Living Water

ice water

Did you know water can prevent you from overeating this Thanksgiving? By filling up on ionized water, you’re hydrating your cells and eliminating that hollow feeling of waiting for a meal. Drinking cold water revs your metabolism, allowing your body to process food and nutrients more quickly. Living water also benefits your body by flushing toxins and post-meal acid from your bloodstream. That means less chance of indigestion, constipation, swelling, or headaches.

Keeping Score

Making healthy lifestyle changes like joining a fitness and nutrition program gives you an overall boost, helping you develop a body to be thankful for. If you have everyday nutrition goals and guidelines, you don’t have be afraid to taste the Thanksgiving turkey. The key to holiday success is moderation. Keeping track of your food intake eliminates those added calories from sampling cooking food. Put more turkey and vegetables on your plate, leaving smaller portions for potatoes and pies. And don’t view the holiday as a weeklong catchall: indulge only in Thanksgiving dinner, or your fitness results might disappear.

The Pilgrims celebrated the availability of food when they had none, but today we have a bounty at our fingertips. Count your blessings this year by enjoying your favorite foods wisely. Learn more about Living Water and nutrition, so you can indulge in holiday treats without setting your diet back to Colonial days.

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