Treats or Tricks?

halloween candyEvery year Halloween creeps up among scores of magazine articles, email spam, and news spots touting new weight loss programs and ways to trick yourself out of treats. But whatever you hear at the water cooler, holiday fad diets aren’t the answer. Halloween candy is full of processed sugars and unhealthy fats, but restricting your intake of sweets might actually make you gain weight long-term. Dieting can make you crave candy, and successful diets often strip core muscle strength as well as fat tissue, slowing your metabolism and leaving your body less equipped to burn calories.

Living Healthy

The key to successful weight loss is making life changes. Nutrition programs, success trackers, and health-focused friends will help you shed pounds . . . and keep them off. But if you haven’t invested in a nutrition program yet, how can you stay healthy this Halloween without sabotaging your long-term success?

5 Tips for Halloween Nutrition

  1. Make a high fiber meal before you head out with your kids. You’ll have more energy, enjoy better exercise, and avoid candy cravings if you’ve had a nutritious meal.
  2. If you’re chaperoning trick or treaters, walk house-to-house instead of driving. If you’re not accompanying kids this Halloween, work extra walking into your routine to balance any sweets you might sneak.
  3. Stop unexpected weight gain and zombie mouth by handing out small toys instead of candy.
  4. Eat more dark chocolate. Not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth faster, dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, boosts your mood, and helps lower your cholesterol.
  5. When candy beckons, portion control is key. Choose a few favorite treats, and share the rest with family, friends, officemates, or local food pantries.

Nutrition isn’t just for the holidays. Invest in a better body and healthier lifestyle with Living Technologies’ nutrition program.

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