What’s Contaminating Your Home Air?

When cold weather strikes, home air is left dry and stale. Natural and chemical toxins become trapped as heating units simply push air around the house. Winter allergies are exacerbated, fumes grow stronger, and unseen home air contaminates invade your lungs as you sleep. Poor indoor air quality causes numerous physical symptoms including difficulty sleeping, harsh breathing or coughing, stomach irritation, headaches, and itchy or inflamed skin. The best way to fight these symptoms is to cleanse your home air with an indoor air purification system. But what causes home air contamination?

Home Ventilation

Nearly every home maintenance checklist includes changing the filters on home ventilation units, but for most Americans, it’s an easy task to let slide. Old filters clog with dust and debris, not only making them less efficient, but also circulating dirty air through your home. Many professionals suggest changing home air filters every two months, while others deem it necessary only once a season. Take into consideration pets and allergies when determining when to change your home air filtration system.


Every day we use countless chemicals without realizing how detrimental each product is to our health. The potent odors released by harsh laundry detergents, chemical cleaners, and furniture polishes are an olfactory indicator of the damage these products cause to the respiratory system. To avoid contaminating your home air, use natural cleaning products, a detergent-free laundry system, and ensure proper ventilation when completing any home renovation projects.

Natural Contaminates

gas stove air contaminationPeople who suffer allergies get the brunt of natural air contamination, but their friends and family members also feel the affects of organic matter in the air. Pet dander, dust, and mold and mildew are the most likely culprits for poor home air quality, but other causes may include smoke from the fireplace and emissions from gas stoves. Place a small air purification system near fireplaces and kitchens to remove home air contaminates at their source.

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