What’s Junking Up Your Healthy Lifestyle?

With Halloween barely behind us, junk food is an issue on everyone’s minds. Indulging in the occasional dark chocolate bar is acceptable—possibly even beneficial—to your health, but unhealthy eating and drinking is a national problem. Obesity rates leveled off this year after steadily rising for three decades, but that’s not necessarily good news. Today, one third of adults and children suffer from obesity. Obesity leads to increased risk of diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure and cholesterol. While eating healthy and drinking alkaline water benefits your body, these healthy lifestyle choices can’t make a true difference unless you curb your junk food addiction.

burgerJunk Food 101

When people think of junk food, they often think of sugary drinks, salty chips, and greasy fast food. All of these foods fall into the category of junk food, but other surprisingly unhealthy foods include breakfast cereals, breads, and “natural fruit” snacks. Junk food doesn’t just load your body with unwanted calories and chemicals. Unhealthy food dehydrates the body, triggers overeating, and causes mood swings. Prepackaged foods—even supposedly healthy ones—often contain processed ingredients and chemicals that negatively impact your health. Over 10% of food consumed in America is junk food, and processed foods make up an additional 70% of the average American’s diet. Eating unhealthy food leads to haggard appearances, increased susceptibility to disease, and earlier and more frequent health problems.

Benefits of Healthy Eating

Food is fuel, so eating properly increases physical and mental energy while decreasing symptoms of disease. Eating healthy foods and drinking pure water leads to a faster metabolism, more youthful appearance, and better focus. While choosing the least offensive fast foods is a step in the right direction, the key to a healthy lifestyle is to make life changes. Take dietary supplements, find a nutrition program, and track your success. Once your body rids itself of the sugar, fat, and chemicals prevalent in junk foods, it will reestablish the youth, vitality, and overall health you didn’t know you were craving.

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