Winter is in the Air

kid static electricityRunny noses, dry throats, and aching heads may seem like unavoidable byproducts of winter, but they don’t have to be. Many of the typical cold-weather ailments stem from uncirculated indoor air. Even homes with fresh filters and frequently washed linens are affected by trapped allergens, a lack of ventilation, and dry air. These problems interrupt sleep, making people listless and more prone to illness. As you assess your home sustainability for winter and contemplate useful Christmas presents for your loved ones, remember air humidity and purification.

Adding Humidity to Dry Air

Winter has a reputation for ice, snow, and brisk, dry air. But the lack of humidity affects more than just the great outdoors. Static electricity, frequent bloody noses, and difficulty breathing at night indicate too-dry air. Living Technologies has unique space heaters that warm your home and add moisture to dry home air. Our heaters work as air purification devices, killing germs as they replentish your home’s humidity and create cozy pockets of heat. Small space heaters make excellent Christmas presents; just don’t forget to give yourself one, too!

Purifying Contaminated Air

Whether you’re fighting dander from beloved pets, sneezing because of dust buildup in your home air filters, or getting headaches from the mold creeping into the corners of your home, home air contamination revs into overdrive during the winter months. Air purification allows you to recapture the freedom and vitality that comes from enjoying clean air. Eliminate stifling odors, stagnant air, and unseen allergens by eliminating the problem at the source. Bring natural, oxygen-rich air back to your home.

For more information on air purifiers and space heaters, contact Living Technologies.

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